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Welcome!  Critical psychology and liberation psychology are diverse and energetic fields of inquiry and practice. Both are the fruit of decades of theoretical and methodological reflection, research, and practical work with communities and organizations. Scholars in critical psychology have demonstrated how the dominant ‘scientific’ and applied psychologies (and psychologists, therapists, and counselors) have directly and indirectly sustained social injustice.  We identify this injustice in social systems characterized by dehumanizing violence, colonialism/coloniality, exploitation, and social exclusion – each channeled by classism, sexism, racism, homophobia, and other forms of discrimination and domination.  We also expose and condemn the ideological matrices that support militarism, the prison-industrial complex, consumerism, police brutality, and environmental destruction, to name a few.  And, closest to psychology itself, we critique and challenge a wide range of abuses and human rights violations in what is known as the psy-complex (psychiatry, diagnostic procedures, psychological assessment practices in education and the workplace, and so on.)  Demonstrating exactly how these forms of collusion and direct participation in oppression and ideological processes work is part of the task of critical psychologies.  Beyond critique, however, is the challenge of developing practices and action that disrupt and transform these structures of domination.  We feel an urgent need to continue both critique and sociopolitical action, with special emphasis on the latter, as expressed in subdisciplines such as critical community psychology, the social psychology of liberation, and critical participatory action research, for example, as they work in tandem with social movements and political struggles. 


This website is a collective project designed to help ensure maximum access to resources related to critical psychology, liberation psychology, and kindred perspectives in the human sciences.  It focuses on resources that link these perspectives to ideology criticism, social justice organizing, social movements, scholar-activism, and action research. Here you may search for links to publications, conferences, research projects, groups and associations, videos of lectures, podcasts, etc. You are also invited to help build our database by uploading links to resources in any of these categories. If we all help out a bit, we will soon have a useful clearinghouse of resources for scholarship and action. Resources in languages other than English are welcome, ideally with a brief description in English to help others find them.

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Entrevista a David Pavón-Cuéllar – Tema: Alienación

La siguiente entrevista tiene como objetivo ampliar el debate sobre un tema tan olvidado por marxistas y no marxistas como es el tema de la alienación y para nosotros tan importante en la lucha por el socialismo. Además, aprovecharnos del conocimiento de David en el...

Inventing Our Selves – Nikolas Rose

Inventing Our Selves proposes a radical new approach to the analysis of our current regime of the self, and the values of autonomy, identity, individuality, liberty and choice that animate it. It argues that psychology, psychiatry, psychotherapy and other "psy"...

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