About the Critical Psychology and Social Practice Website

The need for a clearinghouse of resources on critical psychology and related perspectives is clear.  Students often complain that their course of study does not include any material on critical or liberation psychology.  Existing resources are scattered and hard to find. The numerous proponents of critical psychology tend to be isolated geographically and are often unaware of what the others are publishing or organizing.  Articles in scholarly journals can be hard to access and books are expensive.  We recognize that there are several other websites that aggregate resources on critical psychology, and we highlight them here.  As a supplement to existing resources, we hope you will help us gather a wide variety of critical psychology resources. Please also check out an excellent ‘sister’ website, which was being developed simultaneously to this one, with a somewhat different scope and function: Critical Psychology: A Resource Site for Scholar-Activists. Dennis Fox’s website on critical psychology is not being updated, but it contains many useful links. Libpsy.org offers a variety of resources on liberation psychology in English. Note that publications or websites in languages you do not understand can be translated adequately at translate.google.com .  One can also find hundreds of articles and other publications by searching for ‘critical psychology’ at academia.edu .

Our hope is that a simple process will work to build this database:  If you are aware of a helpful publication, video, group, academic program, project, or event related to critical psychology, liberation psychology, radical psychology, decolonial psychology, etc that you hope others will know about, please take the trouble to upload a link to that resource using the “Submit a Resource” tab above.  A moderator will review your suggestion, perhaps ask you for more details, and approve your post.  It’s that simple.  Do this as many times as you want, and don’t hesitate to upload your own work, of course.  Note that we will not be hosting any files on this website, only links to articles that are available on line, webpages about conferences, videos on YouTube, etc. Thanks in advance for your contributions.

Policy: This clearinghouse is open to all perspectives within critical and liberation psychology, broadly defined.  We hope the site fosters awareness and dialogue among those who approach issues of theory. method, and practice from different angles. We reserve the right to reject material that does not uphold standards of civility.  

If you would like to help with the day-to-day work of maintaining the website or help build the initial database, or if you have any questions or suggestions, please contact Tod Sloan at tod.s.sloan at gmail.

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