Established in 2015, the Parkmore Institute now offers professional doctoral degrees to individuals who are already working in the field as experts in community action, sociopolitical or ecological transformation, and individual change processes.

We also offer advanced training and diplomate qualifications to individuals whose expertise and commitment to social and personal change are outstanding and who seek further high‑quality education that is non‑dogmatic and without orthodoxy or state sponsorship.

The value of a Parkmore Institute education is ensured by the international distinction of the Institute’s Faculty and Fellows, as well as by the fact that, unlike most universities, the work produced by our Candidates is available for anyone and everyone to review.

The Parkmore Institute facilitates scholarship that is independent of any governmental regulation, restraint or restriction. It thus fosters critical thinking and cutting-edge research that is relevant, innovative, and creative. Our work is focused on the psychological and sociocultural factors that encourage or discourage the progressive and urgently needed changes, socially, culturally, and personally, that are required for humanity’s struggles against oppression in the pursuit of freedom and justice.

In sum, we are a university for psychoanalytic, psychodynamic and psychosocial studies that address the transformations that the future of humanity requires.


Location: Global
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